Golden Biscuit :  A fiction of spine-chilling adventure for young folks by Sekhar Basu came into print in Sharadia Anandandamela of 1977. His first novel in Anadamela was an instantaneous success. Even today, after a lapse of 34 years, the fiction in Puja number format with illustrations by Alok Dhar is online display by Bangla Torrents. The author himself in 1968 was stranded in a devastating landslide at Kalimpong, and risking his life came all way down to Siliguri on foot. This perilous journey has beautifully been sighted in the adventure story of Sonar Biscuit.

First published: In Sharadia Anandandamela in 1977

Book publication: Sonar Biscuit was published by Ananda Publishers in 1979. After a sale of two editions the book went to Rupa Prakashani. It is out of print now, but will soon be included in the author’s volume of children’s books.